Douglas and King are Architects and accomplished Design and Project Managers that create exceptional buildings. Douglas and King Architects are based in London’s Shoreditch, and over the 20 years since formation have developed a large portfolio in London and the Home Counties. Our key mission is to create high quality buildings through a rigorous design-led process centred around a sound development business model.

Our studio is an open environment where we encourage a free exchange of ideas, to deliver buildings that are modern, functional, sustainable, long lasting and above all, positive spaces to be in and experience.


We work with property developers, housing providers , landowners and private clients accross the private and public realms. We communicate with our clients to understand their ambition and we guide them through design and construction process to ensure their ambitions is fully realised,

We offer our clients an initial Development Appraisal to test the viability of the development and throughout the design and construction processes we track, monitor and report stage by stage. We oversee every aspect, including the planning, design, monitoring, control and closure. Client support is a big part of our role as is the day-to-day management of the design team and contract management.

We simplify a complex process with our tracking and project management systems. During the early stages of a project we concentrate on information gathering, feasibility studies, density/development issues, planning history, site surveys, precedents. Consideration is given to existing structures, immediate boundary issues, physical relationships, infrastructure and planning policy. This provides a platform for the concept and brief: it is the foundation upon which the next stages of the project are implemented.

We lead from the front and collaborate closely with clients, fellow design professionals, local planners and building control officers, contractors and suppliers – all of these are valuable partners who collectively deliver the successful outcome of a project.


Public and Private Sector Landowners and Asset Managers

We are regularly appointed by Landowners and Asset Managers to assess the redevelopment of undervalued property.

Whilst we are more than willing to work with developers to acheive the uplift in value of a site, property or land from a successful planning permission, we are more interested in staying for the longer term to see our projects built and to re-connect with established clients that return to repeat the success in working with us.

Private Clients

When working with private clients whether with a fixed modest budget for a small-scale intervention, or a new-build project on a larger scale, or a refurbishment and development project, we are aware of the emotional and financial value that is at stake and endeavour to surpass clients’ expectations.

We consider practical issues such as neighbourhood and orientation, ceiling volumes, daylight optimisation, low energy systems, storage, functionality, insulation and design preferences such as colour, texture, material and connectivity.

Property Developers

Our existing relationship with developers continuously informs our expertise in the planning conditions and constraints. We understand the complexities of a development project, where value can be added and where costs and risks might lie – we have a commercial edge and design ability – we can deliver a high-quality building within an ideal development scenario.

We are particularly knowledgeable and experienced in maximising the value of mixed-use developments in central London and outer London suburbs and in regional towns and cities. ­


Us our Friends and Partners

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