Mayor of London sets out strategic growth plan

What is the Draft London Plan?

The London Plan is a strategic plan issued by the Mayor of London that sets out a policy framework for the future development and sustainable, inclusive growth of the capital.

It sets out housing targets for individual London boroughs and encourages the development of small sites to boost overall housing delivery and stipulates material considerations designed to influence planning policies borough-wide.

Whilst the 2016 Consolidation Plan is still the adopted Development Plan, in November 2017 the Mayor published an updated version of the Plan for consultation purposes with revised strategic targets for new home deliveries across Inner and Outer London.

In this blog we give a brief synopsis and commentary on how this may affect those of our clients who are within the Landowning, Development and Private Client sectors.


The timeline for adaption is as follows:

Key Points

Key points of note within the plan are:

Strategic Housing Targets for adaption by 2028

– 64,935 new homes across London to be achieved per annum

– Significantly more homes within outer London Boroughs (ranging from 1200 to 2000 homes per annum)

Presumption in favour of small housing developments

– Small and medium sized developers to make a significant contribution to achieving housing targets

– No Affordable Housing requirement for developments of 10 homes or fewer (Note: Anticipating the possible resistance to this proposal from boroughs, the Draft Plan sets out precise housing targets for the delivery of homes on small sites specifically and breaks this down to borough level)

– Relaxation of lift core requirements in small developments above ground level

Delivery of Affordable Housing

– Affordable Homes target to become 50% in the long term with a minimum of 35% in the short term

Housing Mix Requirements

– Recommendation that prescriptive housing mixes be eliminated from borough development plans. This could result in housing mixes responding more readily to market conditions and demand

Design Quality

– A significant emphasis on design and ‘high quality design’ with increased architect involvement within the S106 planning mechanism

Car and Cycle Parking Provision

– Support for car-free developments (in line with the Mayor’s agenda to improve air quality)

– Increased provision of cycle parking spaces

Housing Targets By Borough

Total 10 year capacity:

Summing Up

We will be keeping our developer and landowner clients informed as the Draft Plan moves through the above stages and will continue to advise our close partners on the availability of viable development sites.

– Douglas and King are experts in the development of left over or backland sites across inner and outer London boroughs

– We address the specific influences and constraints of any particular or individual site

– We are effective in overcoming planning restraints and policies

– We deliver sustainable cost-effective mixed-use and residential projects of all sizes


The Current and Draft London Plan can be easily accessed from the links below:

Current London Plan

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