DAK Culture – A Life in the Day of an Architect

A huge amount of material is produced in the daily life of an Architectural Practice. Often it is only the resultant building that is ever seen by anyone outside the Studio.

Whilst projects are led in terms of information updates, team structure programming and reporting, our approach is centered around a design core. The ambition to create a contemporary and uncompromisingly high quality building  is evident in the process materials in Architectural evolution. There are many outstanding and fascinating drawings, models and mixed media that are produced along the way that are hidden and rarely seen outside the walls of the studio.

This galley is a selection of images found in the individual project directories that provide a snapshot of Architecture produced at Douglas and King Architects as part of the leadership, design and delivery process.

+ 2017 Facade Testing Picture House
+ 2017 Courtyard Design Concept Sketch
+ Courtyard Programming Sketch
+ 2017 Facade Testing in Hackney
+ 2017 Wooden Model of Building Grid
+2018 Project Architects during a meeting
+ 2017 Entrance Lobby Concept
+ 2017 Shoreditch Urban Planning
+ 2016 Elevational Study, Highgate
+ Apartment Layouts 2016
+ Texture Analysis 2016
+ 2018 Project Architect Checks
+ 2017 Apartments in Hampshire
+2016 Site Meeting with the Architect
+ 2015 Proposal for a New Workplace in Finchley
+ 2015 Office Building in Finchley
+ 2014 Facade study in Haggerston
+ 2014 Urban Analysis
+ Sectional Analysis 2014
+ 2017 Islington Commerical Office Space
+ 2014 Elevational Testing for Re-habitation as Homes
+ 2009 Re-inhabiting a Listed Structure
+ 2009 Re-inhabiting a Listed Structure
+ 2009 Elevational Concept on the Kingsland Road
+ 2009 The Kinglsand Road
+ 2009 The Kinglsand Road