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How nature can envelope a home

Architect and Project Manager – Douglas and King Architects
Planning Consultant – Stratagem
Structural Engineer – Hardman Structures
MandE – Ilec Imec

Construction of this family home was completed in 2017. Douglas and King managed all development stages as Architect and Project Manager.

This project created a home for an existing developer/client and his young family. The plot is in an urban woodland setting at the rear of a large residence in Barnet.

Our brief was to design a dwelling that would be flooded by natural light with views opening out on to the surrounding woodland and which would complement rather than detract from its physical setting.  The sloping terrain of the landscape enabled us to create a south-facing subterranean wing concealed by the natural contours of the site and be responsive to the occasional need for privacy.

The scheme was particularly sensitive to the planning policy the LB Barnet rigorously enforces against intrusive backland developments.  The clean, timber homes of Scandinavia led us to plan out a simple, stripped down, vernacular woodland dwelling and to use contemporary, sympathetic materials such as charred timber cladding and dark grey zinc roofing.

The design of the glazing is a counterbalance to the solid form of the building and is an important element in it’s own right.  It enables the family to be enveloped by nature whilst living comfortably inside.

Full Planning Permission was granted in 2016 after a lengthy appeal process reached a positive outcome and the building was built in the summer and autumn of 2017.

The project management, the design team and delivery of this project was led by Douglas and King Architects. For information on our processes read our blog on creative leadership by CLICKING HERE