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    Residential Masterplan, Essex
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    Residential with Retail and B1
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How to Put Place-making at the core of a new community

Architect and Project Manager – Douglas and King Architects

Planning Consultant – Countrywide
Structural Engineer – TBC
MandE – TBC

Douglas and King are working with house builders of all sizes throughout the United Kingdom. Our knowledge of creating great homes and successful communities with MMC Technology is helping private sector developers create highly sustainable and community focused projects.

Our proposals aim to create a highly sustainable new neighbourhood on the western fringe of an existing New Town.  The design drivers follow the core principles set out in some of the most successful residential developments of the 21st century.

The site consists of an irregular shaped area of land that had not previously been developed and had the potential to offer a comprehensive development plot as part of a residential-led scheme.

The residential development comprises a total of 130+ homes in a mix of townhouses, mews houses and apartments located around a small communal square.  The range of home types and accommodation suits a broad spectrum of potential users and will attract an inclusive, diverse community.

A network of pedestrian routes has been carefully planned to provide connectivity to the neighbouring New Town, and these share equal parity with vehicular routes.

All streets are landscaped to engender the sense of a natural habitat, and play and public areas have been designed with community ‘policing’ in mind.  The shared access areas are planted with trees, shrubs and wild flowers.  Car parking locations have been sensitively situated throughout the development.

The design of the buildings is a contemporary response to the authentic, pre-industrial vernacular building forms of the area and uses a palette of materials that reflect this.