Bansky and Noir pull punters into Shoreditch

We have witnessed at first hand the district’s transformation from an inner-city backwater to one of Europe’s most vibrant social, business and creative quarters. We love being here and champion the rich mix that the area offers.

It was the dereliction of the industrial landscape that set the scene for the first creative influx into Shoreditch. In the ‘70’s through to the ‘90’s the large post-industrial buildings, some in a derelict state, were colonised by individuals who were making their emergence on the countercultural scene developing in London in those decades.

The sprawling energy of the area mirrored their rejection of ‘formal’ art.  The cheap rent and availability of the area’s large lofty spaces encouraged them to set up studios for co-working, collaboration, etc and many continue to live and work in Shoreditch today.

Individual inhabitants of these decades included Damien Hurst, Alexander McQueen, Tracy Emin, Sam Taylor Wood and Gary Hume.  By the early 21st c the White Cube Gallery in Hoxton Square was hosting exhibitions by Gilbert and George, Donatella Versace and Kate Hudson.

Pioneering venues included the former Blue Note Club in Hoxton Square and the Strong Room recording studios on Curtain Road, the latter of which has always had an arts led agenda and the ceiling of the lower bar has a large canvas by the Punk Rock artist Jamie Reed.

It was not long before this countercultural trend spilled out onto the streets in the form of graffiti, wall art, music and ready-made sculpture. Significant works by Banksy and Noir can be passed by on the streets of Shoreditch – its public art gallery is open to all.

‘Let us Adore and Endure Each Other’ illustrates in every way the paradox that characterises Shoreditch. The spontaneity of its message and execution across the city of Philadelphia reflects perfectly every stage in the history and evolution of Shoreditch.

adore verb (LOVE)

to love someone very much, especially in a way that shows a lot of admiration or respect

OR to like something very much

endure verb (EXPERIENCE)
to suffer something difficult, unpleasant, or painful:

The area has embraced and endured change in every century of its history and these transformations have left indelible physical and cultural markers visible throughout its urban landscape, streetscapes, periods of decline and its eventual ascent.

The themes that run through the Shoreditch story are the street and public arts narrative of the area.